Thursday, December 23, 2010

Soft Sugar Cookies

I wanted to make some cookies for my team at work. I am going to be leaving them soon and I wanted to do something nice. These are just some basic sugar cookies that I first made in a high school cooking class. They always turn out so soft and delicous. I used to make them all the time for Valentine's Day with pink frosting on them but this time I just made them plain. I thought the recipe was pretty simple but as I finished up and saw the dough I realized I forgot to use self rising flour. The recipe calls for baking powder and cream of tartar unless you use self rising flour. Since i forgot the dough came out a little dry and made cookies that were crunchy rather then soft. I was a little upset and was debating whether or not I should serve them. I kept having nightmares that people would break a tooth or throw them away so I tried to put a slice of bread in the container to soften them up. When I got to work they were a little softer and I gave them to my team. Needless to say cookies are cookies and they were loved by my co-workers. I guess I'm just hard on myself because I always find something wrong that others just overlook. I was glad everyone enjoyed them despite their crunchy texture. At that point it crossed my mind that maybe some people like crunchy cookies. Although when I was going thru my panic I could not seem to think of one cookie that was served crunchy. But my memory flooded back to me when I saw the cookies get devoured. Another crisis averted and another happy crowd.

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