Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hazelnut-Chocolate Linzer Cookies

This is another cookie I made for my team. I served these along with the sugar cookies you saw previously and my famous chocolate chip. This recipe was one I saw while checking out the Food Network website. It was presented on the 12 days of cookies. I thought they looked interesting because they weren't just one cookie but two sandwiched together with chocolate hazelnut spread between them. Now if that doesn't sound delicious to you then you don't have a pulse. Hahaha. The recipe was a little more involved then the cookies I'm used to. I had to create a kind of flour out of the hazelnuts by grinding them up in the food processor. And did I mention I do not have a food processor. I had to use a food chopper and pure strength to get the powder I needed. After the chopping war was over the dough had to rest for 1 hour. I've noticed that the recipes that make me wait seem to be the hardest, mostly because I am impatient and can't wait to get the cookies in the oven and into my stomach. When the waiting was over and the cookies were baked and cooled I spread them with hazelnut spread and left them with the sugar cookies. I tried a couple bites of one and it was great. I loved the combination of the hazelnut and orange zest inside the cookie dough and the hazelnut spread. Yummy. Of course everyone at worked couldn't wait to get their hands on them. I was glad they turned out so great.

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