Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chocolate Cheesecake

Yes. I know I said I was cheesecaked out from my last cheesecake fiasco. But in all fairness I made this cheesecake before the Thanksgiving cheesecake demand. This was made for a different potluck at work and is another recipe from my new favorite cookbook. I know what your thinking...bookfair, potlucks, when do you actually work. I know we do have many events but I always see it as a chance to practice my skills and test them out on unexpecting eaters. Haha. This was another success. Maybe with no help from me. I mean the words chocolate and cheesecake just seem to lure people in. It was of course demolished by the monsters at work, but then again what wont those people eat. But I have had several requests for this exact cheesecake so I take that as a personal compliment. And please ignore the slice removed in the picture a hungry co-worker couldn't help themselves. Note to self: take the picture before you get to work next time. Lol. Alas, another cheesecake down and another happy group of people.

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