Friday, December 24, 2010

Polvorones/Mexican Wedding Cookies

Wow this really is cookie week. I guess with the Christmas spirit in the air mama wanted to make cookies. And when I say that I mean wanted me to make cookies. This is a cookie my mom used to eat as a kid. She called them Polvorones, but they are also known as Mexican wedding cookies. Out of all of the cookies I have made these were the easiest. Aside from rolling each cookie into a ball everything else was painless. And once they were baked I rolled them in powdered sugar to get them dressed for their photoshoot. I tried one and really enjoyed it. It was smooth and creamy inside with a sweet outer layer that contrasted nicely with the semi-sweet center. They were like little clouds melting in my mouth. No wonder they are served at weddings, they are beautiful and delicious. I will definitely keep this recipe in my baking arsenal. They are sure to be a crowd please and are easier than pie.

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