Friday, December 17, 2010

Coconut Cake

Even with it being the eve of my birthday I am still making cakes. Not my birthday cake of course because that will be taken care of but a simple cake for my mom. She loves coconut and saw this recipe on TV. She wanted me to make it yesterday but I was too tired. So today I went into the kitchen and baked away. The recipe was fairly simple and even with the substitute foil pans I had to use it turned out good. The cake was tender to the touch, like lamb's fur and the frosting was sweet but not too sweet. It was complemented nicely by the flaked coconut around the sides if I do say so myself. I was actually glad I tried this frosting recipe because after my last failed attempt at buttercream I was a little hesitant. This recipe turned out more like the frosting I'm used to. It was thick and creamy but without the butter-like texture. Of course my mom loved the cake, but so did everyone else who happened to stop by and have a slice. It was a real hit. I think I've found yet another winner that can have a home in my bakery any day. Of course I will have to tweak it a bit, just to make it mine. : )

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