Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 15

Well..Today was doomsday. I waited for weeks to see if I would win..I entered more than 3,000 points for the scholarship drawing..And guess what..I didn't win. Some Kyle guy won. Probably some unappreciative kid who is going to fail out of school the first semester. My only wish is that he will have no access to a computer for the next 3 days so he can't claim his prize. Then they will be forced to pick again and with my 3,000 plus entries I'm bound to win this time. That may be a little harsh but I'm in a state of anger. After all of the time spent working and applying. After every day of logging on and now nothing..It just makes me want to quit. And it's not just this one that set me off. Because this was a chance thing I understand. I have applied for several scholarships with no return. I see now why many of my colleagues have chosen the loan path. It's not worth the stress and work to get absolutely nothing. Maybe this is just the anger talking but this might be the end of my mission. I might just quit here and now. Leave the game while my nothingness still has not harmed me.....We will see

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