Friday, August 13, 2010

Back In Action..With A New Direction

Well guys. I guess you've been wondering why I haven't made any recent posts. Aside from the huge disappointment that I did not win the big scholarship of my dreams I was finishing up my semester. I graduated from my college with a degree in Business Management and tried to tie up the loose ends needed before attending the pastry school. The semester was so close I could taste it and I wanted to make sure I had everything in order. Except for the fact that my job wasn't budging on my schedule change request and I couldn’t make any financial decisions until I knew my class schedule. I had to wait until mid-July to get my schedule and figure everything out. But I did it. I figured out a plan that would work for me and allow me to stay financially stable during the semester. But as I maneuvered through every hoop the school put me thru I soon found out that lack of scholarships and the dreaded thought of gaining thousands of dollars of debt from student loans was the least of my worries. I encountered a new obstacle. A new dark eyed monster that would put a huge damper on my dreams. I was denied for the student loan!!!! The thing I tried so hard to avoid, that I thought was always a last resort was snatched from me just moments after I finally accepted that idea of taking one out. So I needed a co-signer, that wouldn't be too hard right. I mean as much as I didn't want to drag anyone down with me I also really wanted my pastry degree. At this point with the semester so close I was willing to do anything. So I applied with not one but two different co-signers and was still denied. I don't know what this says about me or my co-signers credit but I felt horrible. I mean I thought anyone could get a loan. I thought banks were handing loans out like free toasters. But I guess with the down turn in the economy people are getting sketchy about who they lend to. And so my dreams of attending BIC and learning the art of show pieces and international bread was crushed. Crushed like a mint leaf in the bottom of a mojito glass. For a while after this shocking reality hit me I was upset. Of course any human being with a soul would be upset if they knew that everything they worked for was gone. Never to be seen or dreamt of again. I figured I would work at my job until the day I died. That was it. I could start my life now, no pastry degree just loan modifications, office parties, and cubicles. That was until I found out my job may be closing. I guess that plan is not an option either. This whole experience and my boyfriends "never say die" attitude drove me to my new goal. My new plan. Being a planning person I was finally excited to have something new to work towards. This is the beginning of my attempts to make my dreams come true for myself. I'm going to practice baking skills more than ever. I'm going to learn everything I can about pastries and sweets for FREE. I will take my future into my own hands and make my dreams into reality. Now how to do this.. I will bake and bake and bake all day. I will practice recipes over and over until I get the right mix of ingredients and textures. I can't wait to start. In order to learn everything I can I have to start making things I'm not used to. So I'm making a list. A list that I will supply later. A list of all the pastry, deserts, cakes, and cookies I have always wanted to make but haven't been able to. I will work my way down the list learning to make every item the best way possible. I will have my bakery one day and the path starts here…

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