Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Double Chocolate Almond Cookies

So I was resting after a long day of booking loans when I came across this recipe on Barefoot Contessa. I love that Ina Garten!!! And nothing takes the edge off a long day like watching the Food Network. Now I know these are cookies, and I have made cookies before and am very good at the drop dough method. But I was caught off guard by the delicious looking chocolaty delights. I was tired and wanted to relax after almost losing my mind in booking Hades. So I rushed to the store to get the ingredients. While at the store I was so delighted to find the dark cocoa powder that I started to do a salsa jig to the Spanish music at the Bottom Dollar. I was immediately halted when I felt the eyes of a creepo spying on my dancing. I guess he wasn't offended since he stopped to spy. After rushing to the cash register to avoid seeing the creepo again I was out. Ready to bake. The recipe was easy. I have creamed and sifted one hundred times and yet the motions were so peaceful I lost myself in the chocolate world. The smell of cocoa powder, and creaming butter and sugar took over me. That is until the flour and cocoa powder jumped up out of the bowl and onto my shirt. The finished batter was thick and rich, just like I expected. After the 15 min baking time I was more than happy that my creations came out exactly as I saw just a few hours ago on TV. I felt as if I watched a celebrity come to life before my eyes. I loved this recipe and so did my family. Who by the way reminded me of the fox, pig, and other animals in The Little Red Hen who refused to help get the ingredients but were ready to eat once the work was done. Alas I love to bake and this experience was effortless. What a lovely day for some chocolate cookies! P.S-Next time I will omit the white chocolate chips. Although they do give the cookie a visually stunning appeal they added too much sweetness. Until next time...: o D

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