Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 11

So I spent the weekend not thinking about scholarships but on Monday morning it's hard not to think about them. After getting back two awesome test scores I was pumped and excited. I logged on and started applying like crazy. I am now actively working on a total of 3 scholarship applications which all include a personal reference. I haven't decided which one of my esteemed professors to ask. But since I attend every class and stay in the "A Student" bracket it shouldn't be hard to find one. I hope. I tried to get my name changed for my diploma and was denied. Apparently my legal name must be used. Although all thru my first 2 years of college my preferential spelling was acceptable. I am now on another mission to get my name changed in time for graduation, which by the way I will be attending since I found out today my application was accepted. I prefer the look of Adrienne to Adrian on my diploma. Also after reviewing my "award letter" again I noticed that the per semester housing fee and meal plan are not even included. This means that an extra $5,000 will be added to my running total. So to inform you that is now a total $29,000 of scholarship money to find. I tried to contact the oh so helpful financial aid advisor but was unable to. She is out of the office today. I left a message for her. Lets see if I get a response. Other than this its back to scholarship points for some last minute crunch for the March 14th $10,000 drawing. Every time I think about this I smile. Can you imagine if I won. We will see soon. : o )

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