Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 10 3/4

Ok. So I know I said I was appreciative of the grants I am getting. And I do appreciate the work the financial aid advisor put into getting everything together for me. But since when is a student loan financial aid. I mean it doesn't sound like financial aid to me. I will have this huge loan looming over my head for all eternity and that is not aiding me in any way. When I hear aid I think of assistance, help, and I don't mean helping me into eternal debt. But that's just me. And on top of that, the biggest loan offered was a federal loan that my parents would have to take out for me. So since the poor college student may not have the credit for this let's trap the un-expecting parents who would do anything for their child. Wrong. Not for me. I will not be falling into this trap. If nothing else this letter has put a fire under the bridge of my scholarship search. I will stop at nothing to get as much "real financial aid" as I can.

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