Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 12

Still no response from my financial advisor today just as I suspected. I logged onto scholarship points again to get a free code and 30 more points. The drawing is coming up soon and I can't wait to see who wins. Unless that person isn't me and then I could care less. It's not looking hopeful as many of the scholarships I have applied for have come and gone and still no magical phone call about free money I have won. This search is a never ending abyss that is sucking my life away. If only after 2 weeks of this I feel this way I can only imagine what's to come. I don't even sleep pleasantly anymore; I just toss and turn over dreams about scholarship deadlines chasing me. I forgot in the madness to mention that I have only until September to gather the necessary scholarships as that is when I will be starting at the pastry school. Something tells me this may all be in vain. But none the less I carry on...Into the abyss. I applied for a "Three Sentence Essay" scholarship today. At least I think I did since the submission medium was more than impossible to figure out. I was to post my response (no more than 280 characters) in the comments section of the scholarship info page. However that section wouldn't accept any submission. I tried several times and even my extended my response to exactly 280 characters and still nothing. So I gave up and posted my response on my profile page instead. I hope that is good enough. The topic "My very best failure." Not wanting to think about my unsuccessful search for scholarships I chose to write about something else; a more pleasant failure.

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