Friday, March 5, 2010

Starting The Journey

My name is Adrienne and I'm a college student. A senior at my local community college actually. Up until now college has been dare I say "inexpensive." So I have been pretty oblivious to the dreaded monster of the student loan. But starting in September I will be attending a culinary school in the hopes of fulfilling my life long dream of becoming a professional pastry chef. I am now starting to feel the burn of just how expensive an education can be. You should know that not all the best things in life are free. And when people told you that an education is priceless they were fooling you too. It may be priceless but that doesn't stop people from putting a price on it. Trust me if a fee can be added it will and the more people want something the higher the price goes. After getting over the shock of just how much a meal plan can be and hearing "its an investment in your future" over and over again I have decided that I need to attend this school. No matter the cost. To avoid being in debt for eternity and then some I am on a mission. To gather as many scholarship and grants as I can to help pay for my "priceless" education. And the journey begins!

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