Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes

These are the cupcakes I made for a friend. Her son's birthday party is today and she wanted something inspired by Iron Man. These may look easy but let me tell you it wasn't. The biggest problem I had was with the red frosting. I never realized how much red food coloring you need to make red frosting. I used the entire food coloring bottle and then some extra but I was still at pink. Not to mention the fact that the more food coloring you add the more bitter the flavor gets. I couldn't serve that to the crowd so I had to rush to the store to get a red icing that would work. Two trips and $20 later I found something that I could bring myself to serve. It worked well enough once I got it loaded into my cookie press. Which by the way is also a frosting master. After that crisis I was able to get the cupcakes frosted and in their boxes. I did however have to remove the toppers to get the boxes to close. I'm not sure how they looked at the party but they turned out pretty good for me. I hope everyone enjoys them. We all know kids are the toughest critics.

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