Monday, February 21, 2011

Creme Brulee

So I finally finished my challenge and knocked out the Crème Brûlée. My sister was very happy about getting to finally taste it. I was happy because I successfully accomplished a challenging dessert. With each dessert I finish I feel like I'm adding weapons to my arsenal. I can imagine myself now serving this to guests at a fancy dinner party. I would be just like Ina Garten, doing all the hard work while I'm alone and then schmoozing with all my guests who will be shocked when I bring a special dessert out of the kitchen. But enough fantasizing for now, lets get back to the main event. The Crème Brûlée was easy to put together. I mean who would have thought that you could make such a fancy dessert with only cream, sugar, egg yolks and vanilla. But believe it or not that’s all I used. Maybe the food Gods felt so bad for charging $10 for ONE vanilla bean that they decided four ingredients would have to do. After I created the mixture I had to bake and cool for 2 hours. Right around this time my sister asked "How come when you order Crème Brûlée in a restaurant it comes so fast." This is when I informed her that all the hard waiting was probably done overnight while we sleep. When the waiting was over it was time to brown the sugar on the top. Now because I do not have a personal blow torch, and probably wouldn't be allowed to use one in my moms house anyways, I used the broiler. It was faster then I expected. In a matter of minutes I had a finished bubbling dessert. I served it immediately after allowing the sugar topping to harden just enough to create a crackling crust. The only tool needed now was a spoon. I cracked through the sugary shell and revealed the luscious custard below. It was soft and slightly warm against my tongue. As I brought each spoonful to my mouth the perfume of vanilla entered my nose and made for a rather sensual experience. Of course all good things come to an end, however the recipe made 8 individual cups. I see another Crème Brûléeexperience in my future. That's all for now.

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