Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chocolate Soufflé

Here it is everyone! I finally accomplished the Chocolate Soufflé. After much anxiety and stress I did it. I really don't know what lit the fire under me today but I just woke up and wanted to make the Soufflé. Surprisingly it was not that difficult. My advise for anyone trying a Soufflé for the first time is organization. Make sure you have all of your ingredients ready to go and set up. This really helped me get thru the process smoothly. Once everything was in order it was as easy as melting butter. Every step just flowed into the next like a well orchestrated symphony. I even stayed calm during the egg white whipping step, which haunted many of my Soufflé nightmares. I have never whipped egg whites into anything let alone stiff glossy peaks. But once I had the confidence of knowing everything was in order I flew right by this stage. Once the Soufflés were in the oven the worrying began. I wanted to avoid making any noise that could beat down the fluffy clouds I created. To my surprise the 15 minute cook time went by fast and when I opened the oven I have perfectly risen Soufflés. They were so pretty I almost forgot I needed a picture. I quickly picked up the hot ramekin and set it on a white plate just in time. After that was the tasting, which was the of course best part. The warm chocolaty clouds melted in my mouth like cotton candy. The first spoon was so sinfully good that when I opened my eyes I was filled with joy when I saw I had more to come. Each bite was just as rich and delicious as the first. I moved quickly thru the cup of goodness making sure not to miss a morsel. Before I knew it I was on the last bite looking at an empty ramekin. This was by far the biggest up/down experience I have had with a dessert in my life. One minute I was flying high on the wings of baby chocolate clouds and the next I was alone holding a cooled cup of empty. But with the recipe being so easy I am sure to try this one again. It will be the perfect ending to any meal. In this case maybe EVERY meal. : )

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