Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chocolate Cream Cheese Flan

This recipe came to me when I was searching the internet one day. I always stop to look at cool posts about food and this was one of my findings. The recipe made a rather large batch so I managed to make a full round pan and a small square pan. Two flans for the price of one. I freaked a little when the flan came out and I saw cracks on the bottom of the pan. I thought the pans were cracked so I got angry and didn't want to enjoy the flan at first. My mom soaked the pans in water overnight to discover it was just the caramel cracked on the bottom. After that I was able to enjoy the flan. The process was so simple I made the recipe the very next day for a Hispanic Heritage Tasting at work. Everyone loved it. And of course my mom enjoyed it everyday until it was gone. I hope I'm not stuffing my family with too many sweets. HeHe.

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