Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cinnamon Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

This cookie recipe came to me while I was looking at foodporndaily.com. Now anyone who knows about food porn knows that they do not offer recipes. This is my only problem with the website. They show you these great looking dishes and then leave you hanging with no way to make it. Unless of course you get creative and start designing your own cookie like I did. I wanted to make this cookie taste like a steaming hot cup of cocoa laced with cinnamon sticks. This might sound a little strange but I love o add cinnamon to my cocoa. There is something about that smell of cinnamon spice that adds another level to the cocoa. I searched online for different recipes and finally came up with this. Of course there was creaming and sifting like all the other cookies and then spooning and baking. Nothing was too different from what I'm used to except the intense smell of cinnamon and chocolate as I opened the door to uncover the finished cookie. It was so mouth-watering. I immediately was brought back to a time when I sat in front of a warm fire place sipping a cup of cinnamon hot chocolate. The smell was so good I couldn’t wait to taste tem. I grabbed one and broke it down the middle. The mini chocolate chips I used oozed at with the pressure of my finger leaving the soft center vulnerable to my attack. I took one bite and was hooked. My friends and family felt the same I guess because they were mostly gone by morning. I know this recipe will make it to my bakery one day. I think I will call it a spiced cocoa cookie. Sounds like music to my ears.

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